Rongping: Use Net And Week results, guarding the development of Chengdu

Rongping: Use Net And Week results, guarding the development of Chengdu

This week, we ushered in the annual national network security publicity week. 2021 Chengdu Network Security Promotion Week opened on October 11th, the expected publicity week public experience activities, the first movement of Chengdu High-tech Zone, Music Square.

The latest anti-knowledge popular science, the warmer network security service, the most interesting immersive game interaction, brought a "timely rain" that brought a network knowledge and security skills in Chengdu.

The citizens are highly involved in it. For themselves, support a strong network security "protective umbrella" for the society.

Advanced with the times is the distinctive characteristics of Chengdu network security publicity week this year. The technology itself is neutral, and it has two sides. Network attack technology, online fraud recruitment, annual income, continuous "evolution", which is one of the reasons why network hazards continue to high.

It is necessary to keep up with the times to prevent it, try to go in front of the front.

Take telecom fraud, kill pig dishes, net loans, network brush orders, and log out of "campus loans" and other scams. In order to prevent network fraud, a small procedure named "Rongcheng Rushing Guard" jointly developed by Chengdu Public Security Bureau and Chengdu Sugar Information Technology Co., Ltd. was published in August this year. The public does not need to download the app. You can build your own "anti-fraud protection circle" in the WeChat applet, receive yourself and the fraud risk of friends and family. Similar to this useful-oriented technological advancement and technical application, there is more reflected in this year’s network security publicity. Through network security technology, it is actually helping home and individual, reducing people’s deceiving opportunities, protecting social wealth, and maintaining social stability.

Authoritative data shows that in 2020, the national cracked telecommunications network fraud case, directly avoiding economic losses 120 billion yuan.

Strong law enforcement and technical empowerment can make the country countless family from network fraud. The interactivity of the happy music is the characteristics of Chengdu network security propaganda on Monday.

Since 2016, Chengdu has made public experience activities for ordinary citizens as a characteristic highlight of the network security publicity week, sustainable innovation, and entertaining, so that the security network covers the whole city, risk hidden dangers away from the public.

Netan Zhou Public Experience Activities held a place, most of the location of the city, from the Pedestrian Street, a narrow alley, etc. from the year, and then go to this year’s high-tech zone, in order to play the biggest participation effect and publicity effect.

This year’s event scene, many citizens in the "Fire Eyes" simulation hot pot and other immersive game interactive areas, with a pair of "fire-eyed gold" to falsify, use special chopsticks to find answers in "hot pot"; In the "Internet Bureau" Live Board "live chessboard game area, you will upgrade your self-protection skills by playing games. On-site "Top Ten mobile phones use bad habits, a few? "The common network scam is revealed" and has also attracted many people to listen to. The annual anniversary of the network security propaganda, the annual flow of the year, helps to attract more people to participate in knowledge science and gaming experience, master network security skills. It is necessary to grab network security risks, you must hurt the focus, and continue to promote prevention and law enforcement in the field of network hazards.

For telecom fraud, financial fraud, etc. At the same time, in more than 20 districts (city) counties in Chengdu, there is a publicity and popularization activities of network security into the community, entering the countryside, entering enterprises, entering the organs, entering campus, entering military camps, entering households.

With the intersection, the interlaced interlaced, the industry is wide, and the network security of the network is safe. Combined with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, with the purpose of "I do practical things for the people", sublimated the theme value of this year’s network security publicity week. Chengdu held a network security publicity week, always adheres to a clear value main line, ie "network security is the people, network security relying on the people" – this is also the subject of annual network security week.

This year, Chengdu network security publicity week, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the "I practical thing to do in Chengdu", using Internet means with interactive and technology to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the party, so that netizens Yu Le learning party history, participating in interaction, as an important part of "learning party history, do practical things, send services" action, which sent solid network security services to the public, reflecting for the people. For example, "the beginning of the eaves" has a sound exhibition wall to paint the wall, so that the wall will speak, the masses can scan the two-dimensional code on the wall can "code to go to school" party history, participate in the "Star Over the Sea" party history knowledge test, let the public You can digitize, fun, learn the history of the party; "Congyu Feihong" VR suspension bridge, let the public pass through the "walking VR Party Class" crossing the Red Army Long March, deeply experienced history. Network security is related to thousands of households, and it is related to social peace and urban security.

In today’s Chinese interconnection, digital survival age, guardian network security, is the security of the public, feeling, happiness.

Global network security risks continue to exacerbate and lack of safe protection capacity, will be a long-term existence.

This decides, guardian network security is a mission of continuous payment and long time.

We are facing network security issues, both awareness, and technical issues, and system issues. Safety is the guarantee of development, enhances prevention awareness, building a strong protection system, building a "firewall" of network security, is the need to protect the development of textures, is the need to practice the "People’s Center" development concept. Taking the annual network security propaganda week as an opportunity, use a good network security publicity week results, support the "protective umbrella", build a "firewall", protect our network security and development safety, day after day, year .

(Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Rongping: Use Net And Week results, guarding the development of Chengdu