The world’s first-class promotion brand strong country

The world’s first-class promotion brand strong country

  Since the 1980s, our generation of business practitioners, we will witness and participate in the development of China’s day. The brand and developments are discussed now, and the meaning is very far. Run to the new track, Chinese brand needs to seize the trend innovation.

Entering the new era, Chinese companies need to mark the positioning, clarifying the trend, reserves more powerful brand potential, learn from the world’s excellent enterprises, assignment to the world’s first-class enterprises, constantly cracking on the brand construction and planning, " China’s manufacturing changes to China, China’s speed changes to China, and Chinese products transform China’s brand. " By cultivating more large brands with cross-border influence, further enhance the vitality of "China Manufacturing".

  Integrate into a new pattern, China’s brand needs to seize the quality of this. For Moutai, it is critical to traditional brewing technology, and the "Quality" is always the life line of the development of the company. "Depending on the quality of life, the best wine in the world" has become a firm pursuit of 40,000 employees in Maotai. From the product to corporate governance, then to the brand shaped, all-round promotion of the self-evolution of enterprise values. The world’s first-class, integrating new development patterns, the most important thing is to do quality.

The public’s recognition of Maotai brand is from the high trust of Maotai Quality. From this level, it is serious to make every drop of wine, which is our brand’s most core value.

  Running to the new future, Chinese brands have to become a bridge that breaks.

In the long-term development of first-class brands, the global first-class brand has constructed a rich multivariate brand cultural system. The contribution from China will become a highlight of China and foreign cooperation and promote the global economic recovery.

"Quality, brand strong country" is an important path of China’s enterprises integrate into the new development pattern. It is hoped that more and more Chinese companies will work together to continuously improve their brand attractions and competitiveness. (Editor: Lin Lu, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The world’s first-class promotion brand strong country