Square to promote the education of party history (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, the party history and realism

Square to promote the education of party history (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, the party history and realism

  "Comrade All Party should achieve the history of history, the history of history, the history of history, the history of history, the history of the school, the history of the school, the idea, do practical things, the new bureau, strive to build a comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries in an all-round way, Excellent achievements greet the 100th anniversary of the founding party. "For day, all regions have carefully studied the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference. The masses of the party members and cadres have made the party’s history, summed up, and inherit the party’s successful experience, carry forward. It is a big event in the party’s political life with high politics and consciously involved in the party history education. All regions have effectively enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", and devote from high political consciously to party history education. The central group held a central group, the central group was concentrated in studying and the party history, the education mobilization meeting, and the requirements of the Ministry of Education participated in the organization of the Chinese party history and learning education, the self-study education education should go before, the calculation rate; Emphasis on learning education through solid and deep party history, more consciously understanding the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, more consciously enhanced "four confidence", and "two confidence", and "two" Maintenance, more consciously inherit the promotion of the party’s glorious tradition and good style, and more consciously implemented the general requirements of the new era of the party’s construction requirements and the organization of the new era. According to the relevant requirements, the China Group shall formulate the implementation of the Party history and education implementation plan for the issuance department, from the clear progress arrangements, carry out special learning, strengthen political leading, promote learning practice, strengthen organizational leadership, etc. Careful planning, deployment arrangements. The China Group is also based on functional responsibilities, and the party history education is a must-have course, incorporates the annual training program, and promotes the fine layer of high-quality training resources; the system research party building, especially the development process and basic experience Organize key books such as "China Communist Organization Construction for 100 Years". The Central Propaganda Department held a mobilization meeting of party history.

The meeting pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping fully reflects the historical consciousness of our party’s height, history, showing what kind of ideal beliefs, political character, and mental state of the Communist Party, indicating the direction of party history education It provides fundamental follows.

We must deeply understand the party history education is the way to stick to the initial mission. It is the far-reaching fact that draws historical experience. It is a high-level policy of tempering political awareness and tempering political ability. The strategy of cultivation, forging excellent style, carried out highly political and consciously and participated in the study education of party history. The Central Propaganda Department mobilized the General Assembly to emphasize the history of the party history, understanding, doing practical things. The socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics, focusing on practicing the fundamental purpose of the people’s services, and focusing on the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening ceremony. It is necessary to adhere to high standards, high quality, strict implementation of political responsibility, and carefully grasp all tasks, and strive to work in front of party history education.

  At the central party school (National Institute of Administration) The Central Party History and Literature Research Institute mobilized the party history education, and held "to learn from the history of the 100-year-old party" to preach, why do we learn the party history, learn from the party history, learn the party history to achieve What is the purpose and other issues are deeply elaborated and interpreted.

  The Ministry of Education held a mobilization meeting in a video form, requiring the whole system to firmly grasp the political leadership, play the main channel role of the curriculum textbook, the main position of the thinking work, the important platform of cyberspace, the major class role of the research practice, The Support Assurance Role of Party History School Construction and Research Team, the Leading of Philosophy and Social Science Research Projects and Research Platform.

  High-quality high-quality completion of party history education, education, must strengthen organizational leadership. The various regions have actually act quickly and arrange arrangements. Tianjin City held mobilization meeting, requiring strengthening coordination and classification guidance to ensure that party members, cadres should be full of physical and mental investment, doing things, learn something, learning.

  Shanghai Municipality held a mobilization meeting, emphasized the implementation of party history education as a major political task, strengthen political responsibility, and lifted political responsibility, and ensuring that the tasks of party history education have fallen into practice.

  At the mobilization meeting, the Party Committee (Party Group) at all levels (Party Group) established the corresponding leading institutions and work organizations, strengthening the work and supervision of the work of the area, departments, units. Chongqing held a mobilization meeting, requiring party committees at all levels (Party Group) to resolutely put the subject responsibility, the party committee (Party group) should take the initiative to take the first responsible person’s responsibility, leading cadres at all levels to make a calculation rate, take the forefront. Ministry of Ecology, the establishment of the Party history and education leadership team, to make a deployment arrangement for the study education of party history; the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of Water Conservancy formulates the implementation plan on carrying out party history education; Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance held mobilization meeting, requirement Integrate party history education into everyday, caught in often.

  Promoting party history learning education content, form, method innovation our party’s 100 years, is a hundred years of practicing the initial mission, is a hundred years of rumor, and is a hundred years of creation of brilliant development.

We must learn from history this "best textbook".

Square to promote the education of party history (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, the party history and realism