There is a kind of guardian called China "Flame Blue"

There is a kind of guardian called China "Flame Blue"

Original title: There is a kind of guardian called China’s flame blue. They are the same ordinary people like us, but they have chosen responsibility and take responsibility in the crisis.

  Whether it is a landslide, the flood is flooding, or the fire is crazy, the epidemic is raging, where is dangerous, where there is a firefighter’s figure; where the masses have a danger, where there is a firefighter to support the safety umbrella.

  National Fire Day, let us pay tribute to firefighters who silently guard us! Paying tribute, not only praise and reverence, but should be strong support. Learn the fire knowledge, obey the fire protection regulations, and improve their self-defense skills, is the best support for them.

  "National Emergency Management System Level Level League Model" Hou Zhengchao: "Ning Ke thousands of defense is useless, can not be a day without defense" Every day, the figure of fire rescue will become the current solid barrier of the crisis, "Reverse" " Fearless "becomes a hero label on them.

In recent years, the firefighters have repeatedly out of the "excellent" "handsome" synonym. More and more people realize that firefighters are not superfixed, they are also the sons of others, the father of others, just in front of difficulties and dangers, restrained human fear and do firmly The fearless guardian. On November 4th, the first national emergency management system advanced model and fire-fighting loyalty guards came in Beijing. At the meeting, the National Emergency Management System commended 8 levels of heroes.

Among them, the captain of the squadron captain of the Sichuan Forest Fire Corps Secretary Brigade is famous. How did he? Why is this award? The reporter launched a visit. More than 160 "battles" forged a "good book" reporter first saw Hou Zhengchao, is a "actual exercise" in the beginning of this year.

  In Chengdu Jinteang County, Bigu Street, a top "orange" with the roll of the waves, the hoveroe, the sneaky-legged Hou Zhengchao, rushing to the "orange red" in the swirl: "To the mainstream 45 ° angle, quick entry … "The" orange "in the whirlwood stabilizes the body, carefully observed the water flow through, struggling to travel along the 45 ° angle, successfully" take off ". This is the provincial forest fire leading to high efficiency to the flood season, put the provincial rescue sharp knife power – the special brigade pulls the water stream rushing, winding, and deep tannery, the Lijiang River launched a scenario in the rapids of rapids.

Hou Zhengchao, shouldering training, demonstration teaching, and demonstration teaching.

  "Love learning, quality is comprehensive, and hard" is the consistent evaluation of Hou Zhengchao. In the class, he carefully focused.

On the training ground, he repeatedly developed cutting machines, hydraulic clamps, snake eyes, projections, assault boats, kayaks and other equipment operations.

"Decompose each action into place, each training is accurate to second.

"This is the experience and experience of him based on many forest grassland fires, earthquake relief, flood control, landslide rescue, mudslide rescue, etc.

  Hou Zhengchao participated in the big and small rescue campaign, "5.12" Wenchuan Earthquake, "4 · 20" Lushan strong earthquake and other earthquake relief and rescue rescue, there are his figure.

  For the high requirements of professionalism, a non-disorderly troops from ordinary firefighters to the forest firefighting team top ten training models, and then Top Ten "Green Guard", the entire army outstanding Communist Party member, the party’s nineteen representatives, this In the past few years, Hou Zhengchao has been changing, but the requirements for professionalism have never changed – every section, he must trial water; every subject, he must take the lead in the estimated risk of risk, Do a good job in safeguards to ensure the safety of training. Hou Zhengchao’s comrades told reporters to this story: Last year, after returning from a fire, he did not have a rest, but he took the initiative to find the squadroner repeatedly rescue process, and put forward the inconsistency and dangerous investigation. In detail, the anchor settings are not scientific, and the rescue synergy is not close, and the team members will play back according to the rescue scene, and simulate it over and over. A movement is wrong, a detail falls, he has to push down, until the whole country will pass. "The re-examination is not half-point to hurt, neither the detail of the rescue environment, and can not have technical and tactical mistakes.

"In Hou Zhengchao, in the emergency rescue of people’s lives, they were stumbled twice in the emergency rescue of the people’s lives. It was a serious dereliction of duty. Under his demonstration leadership and strict requirements, the brigade formed a learning skills, research war The strong atmosphere of the law, the training, solving the problem, all the guidance of the war, the heart is strong, and the strength of the forest fire prevention, mountains, waters and earthquake rescue is integrated.

  In the "emergency mission, 2021" seismic disaster relief exercise in May this year, Hou Zhengchao’s team rushed to the scene, launched the reconnaissance, organizational rescue to the transfer placement, and used less than 40 minutes.

  After September 16, after the martial-level earthquake in Luzhou City, Zhangzhou City, I just gave a comprehensive skill in Lingshan Temple in Suining County, Liangshan Prefecture, and returned to the production area for less than 30 hours. In Chengdu Jinjiang District, the highly revoked special team refers to the war 10 The minutes of the minute, and rushed to the disaster area to search for search and rescue. "How to guarantee mess?" Asked the reporter.

Hou Zhengchao said: "Ning can be unilaterally, it is not available for a day." (Sichuan Daily full media reporter Zhao Rongchang) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

There is a kind of guardian called China "Flame Blue"